Have you got your Engo Ball ticket? If not, then you are going to miss out on the classiest event on the engineering calendar. Avoid being disappointed next year by getting your tickets early.

If you are like everyone else and use facebook, then here is a link to the texas regulation of pay day loans SUEUA facebook group that will keep you informed about everything that is SUEUA related:

To get membership for this fantastic club, you can see any of the executive at the SUEUA office (near the Engineering Lawns) who are available.

You also need an ACCESS card in order to be a member.


XKCD 557 - StudentsToday's XKCD.


If you're doing engineering and not reading this comic, you now see thru pokies have a new task to complete every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Click for big.


Winey has given them all the boot over at - she loves Sydney Uni Engineering for a few reasons:


  1. Amazing out of the classroom opportunities
  2. Really Really incredibly FUN!!
  3. Good solid from-the-ground-up teaching
  4. State of the Art World renowned lecturers
  5. Famous uni = Opportunities left right and centre



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