In 3rd or 4th (or 5th) year? Lined up work experience yet?


We all need to do 420 hours of work experience to graduate, and the best time to get it done is in the holidays - which means you need to book it now.


Getting the work experience is generally really easy, and most companies offer you a full time job after graduating. 


Below is an email from Keiran Passmore, Director of Engineering Sydney with info on how to get these jobs - getitintaya.




Dear Student,

Please find below the web link for Organisations that have indicated to
Engineering Sydney(tm) that they have summer vacation work opportunities
available for the period December 2008 to February 2009. Some companies
have also indicated they still have graduate positions available for a
2009 start. This URL will be sent to you another 3-4 times between now
and October but we strongly encourage you to visit it regularly as more
companies come on board.

I would also encourage you to also look at the Engineering Sydney
Careers Fair web site below and target those companies as well as many
of them also recruit summer vacation students


Keiran Passmore
Executive Director
Engineering Sydney
9351 5768
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Nathan + Dolphin
Nathan + Dolphin
Welcome to!


After years of planning and a fantastic webmaster named Big Gay John we finally have our very own website, full of pictures, flashing text and information that is occasionally useful.

This site is here to keep you up to date with all the events that all the societies in Engineering are running. The photos section will have all the photos from all the events we have during the year - this will be amusing if you want to reminisce and helpful if you can’t remember what happened after the 1st bin of death.

Engineering can, at times, be a gruelling degree. SUEUA, along with all the other faculty societies, aims to aid in the social outlet needed to balance work and play. Be it a free BBQ or a major event like Beer and Bangers or the first year camp, the Sydney University Engineering Undergradate Association is there as the catalyst for fun and contains a network of members of all ages who are always willing to help you out when you’re lost or confused, or to get a conversation started when the only friend you’ve made so far has to bail.



Nathan Byrne

SUEUA President 

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