SUWIE (Sydney University Women in Engineering) is all about showing support to the girls who take up the challenge of engineering. Men are not only welcome but encouraged to come to all our events to show their support and to experience engineering events with a different focus (less beer and sausages).

SUWIE aims to dispel a few of the myths believed by engineering students:

· Women do in fact exist in the engineering faculty. If you don’t believe us come to some of the SUWIE events where you will find one of the largest concentrations of engineering women at any one time.

· It is possible to consume food that is not sausages, engo burgers or meat boxes. We supply the engineering student body with other food such as cakes and muffins in our regular stalls.

· Beer is not the only alcohol in existence. While many engineering women can drink beer with the best, there is nothing wrong with taking some time out and having something more classy.

· Women become great engineers. With many female industry speakers who have achieved success in the engineering field you will walk away knowing what you can aspire to.

With our 2014 executive including Roslyn Cooke, Alexandra Paton, Jonothan Graf, Tarryn Innes and Katy Lu SUWIE will be holding the classiest events of the year, guaranteeing you an awesome time. So come check out mentoring at O-Week, Cocktail/Seminar night early in semester, our Annual dinner in Semester Two and any/all of our various cake stalls throughout the year!