The Sydney University Mechatronics Organisation – where questions like “How many terawatt lasers can I mount on the robot T-Rex*?” are perfectly normal.**

A safe haven for the inquisitive, the uninterested and the outright insane alike. Meet up, exchange ideas, solve that frustrating dynamics problem, procrastinate, try to solve the problem again, go get a burrito from the SUMO barbeque. Play a game of cards. Enlist the help of that fourth year kid, realise you were ignoring the rotating frame of reference, face palm, realise the last two hours of work is completely superfluous. Give up, play a game of cards.

Or maybe you'd just like to come to one of our events. Hot dogs, kebabs, bacon-and-egg breakfasts for those who are just hungry. For those who find they have too much free time, there's always the robotics competition. Build robots of minor destructive capabilities and pit them against each other, limited only by your imagination and the technological capabilities of the current age. For those who prefer a more social fun, why not come to our Cards Night? Or maybe laser tag? Karaoke? Alcohol is generally involved.

Seriously. This is a fun club.

*We haven't made a robot T-Rex yet. It's a long term project.

**The answer is seven. Nine, if you replace the behavioural control core*** with an extra power supply.


***You know, that thingy we put in to stop it from going on a bloodthirsty rampage every time you play that one Bee Gees song. That probably won't ever happen anyway.