SUABE has long been the dark horse of the engineering societies. Celebrating it’s tenth year, the society has grown in the past few years to one of the biggest and busiest engineering societies (besides SUEUA), and one of the most successful societies on campus (with the award to prove it).

We have two flagship events, the Autumn Welcome Dinner, and the Spring Cocktail Party. These are centred on our primary focus of introducing students to the engineering world, represented proudly by alumni and guests from the best names in Biomedical Engineering. Many of our students find their internships and graduate positions through the contacts they meet at these formal events.

Our second prime objective is maintaining the sanity of our engineering friends. The engineering timetable is tough, and the work tougher. We’ll make sure you know the people in your course- your friends for the next four years. We also make, every few weeks, the best pancake brunch on campus (with the award to prove it). If you’re a biomed student, joining us isn’t even an option. It’s a must. And if you’ve made the unfortunate choice of another stream? Lets just say the pancakes alone are worth joining for. To keep posted, visit the biomed tent, or like us on

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by Tim Doran