A revue, according to Wikipedia, is a type of multi-act popular theatrical entertainment that combines music, dance and sketches. The Engineering Revue is the engineers very own version of a professional revue show, so imagine a Monty Python show with jokes about MATLAB (you’ll understand soon enough). The Engineering Revue is a tradition that dates back to the early days of the university. The Engineering Revue is written, directed and performed by the engineering students at USYD.

In the Engineering Revue, we pride ourselves people having courageous attempts at things that, in reality, only talented people should be doing. Most notable of these 'courageous' attempts are boys thinking they are classically trained ballet dancers, a choir that reckon they are on par with Luciano Pavarotti, and actors that believe the Academy owe them Oscars. Because of this, the Engineering Revue always attracts a big audience who often add just as much to the show as the performers!!

The revue season starts mid 1st semester to get interested people involved, with the bulk of the rehearsal work done at the beginning of 2nd semester (for a performance that will be held 4th/5th week of the 2nd semester). Doing the Engineering Revue is definitely a must for everyone, whether it is acting, singing, dancing, or helping out backstage, writing, or being in the Engo band, there is definitely something that everyone can enjoy. You will make a lot of good friends, have fun and help contribute to one of the universities longest running traditions. And if you still not convinced there is a cast exclusive (strictly) after party that makes the roofs of engineering shake!

by Chris Rosiak