2009 was an interesting and important year for the University of Sydney Formula SAE team.  Further developing our 2008 car which had shown great potential, albeit with unfortunate reliability issues, we have engineered a very competitive package which will see USYD climbing the ladder towards a top five placing in future competitions.  An overall placing of 8th out of 24 has put us well amongst the leading teams, illustrating the true potential of our recent change to a smaller 2 cylinder Aprilia engine, from the bulky 4 cylinder concept.

Several new designs were investigated this year including hollow drive shafts, Spring Steel flex couplings, a hydraulic gear shifting system, Aluminium Honeycomb chassis sections and Carbon Fibre wheel rims.  Each of these studies has produced promising results and research in many of these areas will be continued.  This year the team also focused on developing our proven designs from previous cars and through this we achieved an excellent all round vehicle.  With new developments in sight and a solid base to work from, USYD will be looking forward to an exciting year in the Formula SAE competition.