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Engineers Without Borders Australia works with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through education and the implementation of

sustainable engineering programs.

Through the process of helping people in need we become more socially aware and responsible, improve ourselves, inspire others to action and further our ultimate goal of sustainable development.

What can you do with EWB?

GO OVERSEAS!! To the Philippines, Cambodia or India.

Design solutions for floating villages in Cambodia.

Do your vacation work in an even greater variety of countries (including rural Australia) Have fun at our social events! Teach (and learn) at local high schools about basic issues of engineering in developing countries.

Teach basic computer skills (like what the difference between left and right click are) to refugees and the homeless. Learn about renewable energy solutions, build your own culturally appropriate technology and much more!



EWB also has an education arm that includes a nation wide design challenge for 1st years, final year thesis projects, and a High School Outreach program. EWB also works to raise awareness about many campaigns and is a partner for ones such as Make Poverty History and Close the Gap.