In the beginning, there was a beard. It was luscious and soft and the colour of baby Bambi, and merely caressing it with outstretched fingertips could induce strange levels of arousal in man and woman alike.

But the beard alone was not enough; from those fine, firm whiskers there grew a man – a most remarkable man. A man who plays with fire and kicks hornets nests (at least one of those is true), a man first crowned king of the engineering watering hole - Royal Hotel, and then of engineering itself in his election to the presidency.

Harry started university life with a bent towards mechatronics, but decided that wasn’t enough to realise his goal of global domination. An added touch of computer science later and he’s well on the way to upgrading to king of the known world. To say that he’s a cool guy would also be a hilarious pun on his having spent the summer freezing electronic gizmos for research into quantum computing. He has not had leadership thrust upon him, but has over the years proved his mettle crawling through the filth of lesser societies and positions – Treasurer then President of Flair Soc, Vice President of Brewsical, and Secretary of SUEUA.

His role as fearless leader, also known as El Presidenté, means he is essentially the custodian of good times at Sydney University Engineering. By his command is a keg tapped, a movie screened, a pub crawl begun or a bar tab opened with spirits to go.

He can make anyone feel comfortable and always has a smile or a joke to spare. And while he might appear laid back and generally chillaxing his meticulous organisation is going to steer SUEUA through a fantastic year.


Vice President

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Junior Vice-President

Serving her inaugural term among the purveyors of party, Berna is a devout sports fiend coming out of a successful year of leading engineering in interfaculty sport. Sometimes described as ‘dudeish’, she leaves the engineers truly bewildered when she shows up on occasion wearing strange painty stuff* on her face. She is smitten by all things cute and adorable and will often be found in PNR making googly faces at kittens on imgur. Don’t let the fact that she’s from the central coast turn you away, she’s got all her teeth, 10 fingers and toes and makes a rocking Pokemon Misty cosplay. If you see her around go and show her a picture of a cute animal, it’s sure to get you straight into her good books and she’ll definitely prove a valuable friend to have.

*makeup, he means makeup

--Harry Smith



He is the gentle scholar who enjoys a quiet scotch by the fireplace, a man so manly he can teach the ocean a lesson in how to drink, and the champion of the roof dwellers. He is a man so kind bunny rabbits stop him to say hello, while his hugs have been known to slay dragons and rescue princesses in a single warm embrace. His home brewed beer is a thing of legends, rumoured to be able to cure cancer. He is Gavin ‘Gumby’ Barnes.

Gavin is well versed in the intricacies of SUEUA, having worked his way up the ranks from bbq master and then onto treasurer two years ago. However he then decided to take a break from Australia, spending a year abroad training with the Vikings of the north. This year he returns to us ready to impart those ancient Nordic secrets of battle, wit and heavy drinking as this years secretary.

Gavin can always be found around engineering, whether he’s enjoying a coffee in the library before that dreaded Monday morning lecture. Or if he’s nursing a hangover with his very own (patent pending) ‘Gumboss special’ from the café on those painful Friday mornings and at every party, gathering, shindig, and all round enjoyable time in between. Able to brighten your day no matter what, he is a valuable and worthwhile friend who can always spare time for a chat, so go say hi.

--Troy Jones



Troy ‘slayer’ Jones is no rookie when it comes to ensuring the finances of a society run smoothly. He has already helped both Brewsical and Flairsoc to live up to their drinking potential. This experience combined with his love of a good party means he will be an invaluable asset to the SUEUA executive team this year.

When I say Troy loves a party, I’m not joking. He has turned the phrase YOLO into a lifestyle. As a result of this you can often find him at the royal or scubar with his trademark ‘slayer’ eyes, regardless of what tutorial or quiz he might have the next day.

He’s also quite the athlete and is a key member of the extraordinary touch football team ‘the honey badgers’ who brought shame to the notre dame team last year.


But there is more to this man than his treasuring and partying skills. He’s a great guy, who will listen to all your woes and get you drunk enough to forget them. He’s often on the lawns, sipping a cold bevvy, sharing in some banter and playing cards. So if you see him, go say hi. He’s a friend you won’t regret making.

--Berna Coase


BBQ Master

There is a mysterious beast that can be found roaming the engineering grounds, a beast who will consume entire cows worth of chocolate milk for no other reason than it was on special at woolies, a beast so large in stature, Sir Hillary has endeavoured to the peak but failed, and when thirsty the beast will lay back and finish a goon sack without so much as a breath. If you have ever encountered this giant among men it will be quickly made aware that neither day nor night make no difference to the activities of this animal, men have needed to consume vast amounts of liquor to feel comfortable to engage in activities that this man does on a sober thought. This beast is none other than the man that will be providing you your food through the year; yes it is none other than Daniel Fogerty the BBQ master.

The young shy boy from out west fell victim to the disease that is engineering, once reserved now a wild animal, and after a party filled first year, this energetic engineer is ready to take on second. As BBQ master he knows how to handle his meat, and in the process he will show you how you like to handle your meat too, even If you didn’t know how you liked it.

Daniel is always around the engineering lawns and always has energy, whilst others are recovering from big nights, he’ll be tackling his hangover with a game of footy or some form of ridiculous shenanigans, always in the mood to have a chat, Dan will always be a face to give you a smile, even when those exams loom close.

--Ben Fogerty


Cellar Master

Did someone say handball?!? This esteemed gentleman is an invaluable player in the SUEUA team this year. Why? Because he will serve you drinks and banter, or maybe just banter with his role as Cellar-Master. Ben can be thoughtful at times and is one for a good and responsible time – young and old look up to him; he’s a top bloke and will definitely share a funny story with you.  So say g’day!

--Gavin Barnes


SUEUA Past President

Maximus Loxton, of the House Loxton, first of his name, champion of the dance floor and agent of seduction. Our boy from bowral, President of the engineers and protector of the realm.

It is said that Broseiden himself proclaimed Maximus the new King of the Brocean after he rescued the gods pet piranhaconda in a shuffling dance off against Barbra Streisand with moves so awesome they transcended the very time space continuum. Even your great grandfather was impressed, no seriously, ask him.

Serving his third consecutive term among the guardians of party and purveyors of good times, Max has well and truly earned his place as this years master and commander. He will become a well known face if he is not already, as he is always seeking out new comrades (especially blonde’s). Often found out front of the PNR learning hub playing a game of cards or in the bar enjoying a pide/beer combo, come say hi and prepare to feel welcomed in true engineering style.


SUWIE President



Other Characters of Engineering

James 'Spacy' Rowlinson

SUCE & Movers and Shakers President


Steve Vassiloudis

SUCES & Engineering Revue President


Sam Urquhart

Brewsical President & SUCE Vice President


Lindsay Kershaw

FlairSoc President


Alex Zyner

SUEUA Web Master