Drinking1.jpgS.U.E.U.A. - for "Sydney University Engineering Undergraduates

PRONOUNCED: 'sue-ah'.

DEFINITION: A group of university students characterised by a sense of persistant inebriation and a generally lax frame of mind when it comes to studies. Members of s.u.e.u.a. hold more than an appreciation for the amber variety of beverages and are known as experienced scullers of the same variety of smooth refreshments.



SUEUA is the faculty society for engineering encompassing all of its various streams.

SlipSlide.jpgWe at SUEUA believe it is our delightful job to make your time at Uni as enjoyable and fun as it possibly can be.  We hold several events throughout each year to make this a certainty.

Kicking off the year with First Year Camp we venture into the unknown for a weekend of fun and friendship building.  Also early in the year is the world-renowned “Beer and Bangers” which is a big party to kick-start the year held down in Engo and always provides lots of fun. 

To start second semester with a bang we have the “Harba Crooz” full of glamour and good views. Second semester is just as exciting as the first with pub-crawls, trivia and our night-of-nights, the Engineering Ball.  This is the climax of the calendar, a chance to get dressed-up and strut your stuff on the dance floor. Money is always an issue when a SUEUA major event rolls around, so make sure you don’t miss out, because you spent your last $20 on novelty inflatables.

Throughout the year there are also many barbeques and other events to help keep ourselves entertained and make new friends.  Come down to the SUEUA office at lunch or during breaks and say “G’day”.  You’ll be glad you did!


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