Welcome back to University fellow engineers!


I hope your summers treated you well but thankfully the wait is over and SUEUA is back for another action filled year.

Bringing you this years events are our new exec for 2014:

President - Harry Smith

Vice-President - Alex Bunting

Junior Vice-President: Bernadette Coase

Treasurer: Troy Jones

Secretary: Gavin Barnes

Cellar Master: Ben Fogerty

BBQ Master: Dan Fogerty


We hope you'll join us this year for some amazing events including Outdoor Cinema Night, Beer 'n' Bangers, Harbour Crooze, Engtoberfest, the Engineering Ball and many more!

If you'd like to sign up just come find us selling tickets to any of our events and we'll help you out.

See you around campus!



2014 Cardno-Cup

Event date: TBA



Beer 'n' Bangers 2014

More details to come.



Welcome back Engo's!

While your summer might have been full of fun activities like laying on a beach or dreaming of laying on a beach while slaving away at your internship, SUEUA has got a jam-packed year of fun and frivolity laid out for the next 8 months as you battle your way through yet another year of engineering.

Keep an eye on this page which will be updated regularly throughout the year with upcoming event details and photos.

If you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, Facebook's become a pretty sweet way of keeping in touch so make sure you join our group which can be found by following this LINK

2012 Exec


Congratulations to the new SUEUA Executive for 2012!

At the helm of the ship is the VP from last year Cam Creigh as President
After his tireless work for so many societies sueua is lucky enough to have the services of Alex Hanbury-Brown (aka Hambo, Darkhorse) as Vice - President.
Back for more is Max Loxton as our Junior Vice President.
Having cooked up a storm last year Gavin Barnes has his eye on the money as Treasurer.
With his Eurotrip over Zak Vickers has returned home to fulfill the role of Sectretary.

Not to be left out, Ashwin Marwah is the new Celler Master and Michael Cross has taken up the role of BBQ Master.

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