Sydney University Engineering Undergraduate Association

About Us

The Sydney University Engineering Student Association was established in 1922 with the goal of providing a social environment for the engineering students on campus. We provide our students with a platform to network, socialise and exchange ideas about our studies, extracurricular projects and career options. We act as the student representatives of a faculty of more than 6 thousand thousands of students and the umbrella organisation under which 9 other smaller societies function.

Our team

Executive Members

Galen Nethery

Vice Presidente
Max Schultz

Dimitri Bantli

Hannah Mourney

Junior Vice presidente
Anneke Donnelly

BBQ Master
Courtney Diggins

Cellar Master
James Broe

Committee Memebers

Eternal Webmaster and Homewrecker
Joshua Wilson

Eternal Webmaster
Adam Paruk

Marketing Officer
Vincent Tsang

Lachy Dunbar

Sports Representative
Jess Wu

Sports Representative
Isabelle Ryder

Sports Representative
Rayhan Mendis

Sports Representative
James Spinks

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